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Secure Payments with Our Collection Agency in Denver, CO

To keep your business afloat, you must collect payment for the products or services you offer. Unfortunately, not every customer is reliable, but you need to paid. If you’re a business owner, you may not be able to afford the time it takes to make frequent telephone calls or to issue letters to collect delinquent debts. If your demands for payment have been unsuccessful thus far, hiring our collection agency in Denver, CO can be extremely beneficial.

Since 1998, businesses have relied on Red River Collection Inc. to improve their delinquent debt recovery. We pride ourselves on effectively helping our associated companies partner increase in gross profit margin. Don't wait on slow-pay or no-pay debtors. Instead, trust our collectors to gather what you’re owed for you.

Why You Should Work with Our Accounts Receivable Collection Agency

We want our clients to seek us out under certain specific circumstances. Consider our services for any of the following reasons:

  • Customers Become Confrontational When Discussing Their Debt
  • Customers Move Without Notice
  • Delinquent Debt Recovery of More than 60 Days
  • You Don’t Have the Staff to Address Slow-to-Pay or Non-Paying Accounts
  • You Wish to Concentrate Your Resources on Paying Customers

We understand that your time is valuable. Mailing letters and placing collection calls are some of the last things you’d like to be doing. By delegating that responsibility to our third-party collection agency, not only will you stand a greater chance of receiving a payment, but you’ll also be able to focus your efforts where they’re most needed.

Enjoy Greater Recovery with Our Third-Party Collection Agency

Your primary focus is running your business, while our agency’s focus is ensuring your debts get paid. Our trained professionals know the best techniques to convince debtors to pay what you’re owed legally. Over the years, our debt collection agency has gathered unpaid debts from a wide variety of debtors.

Since our inception, we have proven ourselves to be a cost-effective investment for our clients. We consistently hire highly trained and motivated professionals to work with our clients, so that we can continually operate at peak working condition. Reach out to us to take advantage of our substantial experience in collection and portfolio management.

Improve your bottom line with the help of our comprehensive collection services.
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Learn More About Our Collection Agency

In 1998, our organization was started by our two founders, Robert Lantis and Josephine Lucero.  Today, we utilize the latest in technology collection services, including voice-over-internet capabilities, imaging, and multi-skip tracing databases to achieve economic results. With over 40 years of experience to our name, we’re equipped to handle accounts and offer portfolio management service from beginning to end.

We understand that the continued success of our collection agency is based on our results, customer service, and debt repayment solutions. We never rest on past collection accomplishments, so we are always striving to recover more money than we did the day before. Trust our team to go above and beyond for you to help you keep moving forward.

Contact our collection agency to handle your outstanding debts effectively and efficiently. We proudly serve clients in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.

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